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Class 2 Nature Study - 2013

- Friday, February 08, 2013
Photos from our amazing guru gardener and bush expert, Alexander. You can see the joy on the children's faces when they are out discovering the bush with him. They ventured back into the bush where the fire travelled last year to see the rejuvenation of the plant life.
"Here are the images I took during our great nature study experience in the bush where elements of fire and water work hand in hand. It was lovely to see the joy and excitement in the dear children as we went there..." Alexander


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Ruth Chambers- Hall

Hi, I’m Ruth.  I am part of the Administration team at Noosa Pengari. My 3 children have all attended Noosa Pengari. I hope you enjoy the insights into school life at Noosa Pengari and the many resources that our blog will provide and I look forward to sharing your comments.

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