The school has a Board of Governors who provide the required guidance and support the interests of parents and staff. They do this within a government-directed framework and with the support of Steiner Education Australia.

Board Structure

The Board is organised into three sub-committees: Finance; Risk and Compliance and Development.  Each sub-committee has a lead board member with another member in support. 

The Finance sub-committee will assume all of the responsibilities of the previous Finance portfolio and will focus on the school’s financial health, processes, reporting and compliances.  The Risk and Compliance sub-committee will focus on ensuring that we understand what risks (physical, reputation, strategic, safety, continuity etc) exist for the school and confirming that we are appropriately protected against them.  This sub-committee will also look at what our legal and moral compliance requirements are as an organisation and ensure that we are meeting them.  The Development sub-committee will focus on how we are growing and developing as a school and will focus on things such as facilities development and maintenance, curriculum development, staffing, school culture, community etc.

It is important to note that each of these sub-committees is a sub-section of the overall Board with the aim of distributing focus and workload within the Board.  None of the sub-committees holds any decision-making authority in their own right with all decisions continuing to be made as a Board complete.  It is the Board Chair’s responsibility to coordinate the sub-committees and integrate their efforts into the overall Board structure.

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