The school has a Board of Governors who provide the required guidance and support the interests of parents and staff. They do this within a government-directed framework and with the support of Steiner Education Australia.

The Association and The Board

We are an Association, incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Queensland.

Our Association is governed by a constitution, with guiding rules about how the Association operates.

The Board manages the Association’s Objects via:
  • Strategic planning and decision making
  • The appointment of a School Director (Principal/CEO)

The Board is in charge of strategic direction and planning. The School Director is in charge of managing the directions by the Board, for and behalf of the Association. The relationship between Board and School Director is extremely important.

There are substantial educational, legal and financial considerations/compliances which need to be considered in relation to strategic decision making and school management.

The Board meets monthly or more regularly as required. It may delegate any of its powers to Committees consisting of persons they think fit (including Board members, individuals and consultants). Committees may be permanent, such as the Finance Committee or temporary as required.

The School Director attends (wherever possible) and reports to all monthly Board meetings. The Chair of the Board (and any other Board members who wish) meet regularly with the School Director between Board meetings.

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