Class at Noosa Pengari Steiner School


Noosa Pengari Steiner staff share a commitment to nurture an environment that is inducive for learning and growing academically, creatively as well as supporting our students inner well being and welfare.


Principal Francis Klugman
Business Manager Cathy Hunt
Primary School Co-ordinator Claire Rewa
High School Co-ordinator Mark Piper
CSE Co-ordinator Nadya Oakhill 

Professional Development Co-ordinator

Gill William-Smith
Executive Assistant  Mel Butler
Finance Officer Angela Wood
Registrar Ruth Chambers-Hall
Administration Officer    Kimberley Morgan
Communications  & Marketing Coordinator Sue Mortimer
Receptionist Merryn Hamilton
Maintenance & Grounds Tim Parnell (Team Leader), Chris Eddy, Scott Pilkington & Jonathan Cowan

Early Childhood

Rose Room Amy Murdoch (Teacher), Shae Mattheson, Marcella Maioli  (Assistants)
Lavender Room Jo Williams (Teacher), Camilla Swan-Ward & Eve Lennox (Assistants)
Playgroup Camilla Swan-Ward


Primary Teachers and Specialists

Class 1 Deborah Moore
Class 2 Kylie Rupp 
Class 3 Georgina Matteson
Class 4 Amy Lascelles
Class 5 Tim
Class 6 Debra Tucker 
Class 7 Penny Sargeant 
Outdoor Education Andrew Fellows & Claire Mason (Assistant) 
Physical Education Fiona Kafka
LOTE Monika Lehman (German)
Library Michelle Hutchison
Craft Dionne Brown
Painting Sally Martin
Manual Arts Mary Tillett
Kitchen Garden  Sarah Lees-Barton (Primary School Support)
Learning Support Amanda Tinney
Wellbeing Officer Liz Blomkamp

Classroom Assistants

Deborah Carlyon, Maria McQuillan, Annie Schulz, Ellie Sharp, Caz Hillier, Chloe Bland, Marcella Maioli, Riana Johnston, Laura Connell


High School Teachers and Specialists

Drama Priscila Barreto da Cunha
History Joshua Channer
English Simon Oats, Priscila Barreto da Cunha & Peter Dick
Maths  Tricia Jeffree, Joshua Channer, James Fell 
Science Brayden Hughes
Biology James Fell
Physics Francis Glasspool
Visual Art Bianca Herbert  & Tricia Jeffree
LOTE Tricia Jeffree (Italian) & Monika Lehman (German)
Physical Education James Fell & Brayden Hughes
Outdoor Education Andrews Fellows & Claire Mason, Sarah Lees-Barton (Assistants)
Information Technology  
Manual Arts Mary Tillett
Geography & Kitchen Garden Peter Dick
Wellbeing Officer Liz Blomkamp
Music Susie Hardy
Learning Support Fiona Kafka
Music Co-ordinator & Guitar Arron Bool
Strings Dan Williams, Imogen Fernandes & Chrissy Davis 
Woodwind Annie Jackson
Voice Jeunae Rogers
Piano Anthony Aggs 
Percussion Max Sportelli
Bass Brad Wenham