The Treasure House


The NPSS community of current and past students, parents, teachers and the greater collective is a warm, welcoming and participative community. It’s a colourful and inclusive culture where individuality is respected and celebrated.

Community groups

We recognise the vital relationship between home and school and provide opportunities to actively involve parents and caretakers in the school. Our community offers a variety of groups that offer information to parents of the school and the wider community. This learning strives to assist parents and caretakers to enable their children to thrive and to create synergy between school and home life.

Parents volunteering

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity for parents of the school to be involved and to connect with other NPSS parents. Volunteer opportunities include event support, working bees and Noosa Pengari Parents & Friends involvement.

Pengari festival

Festivals and events

Throughout the year the school offers numerous colourful and inspiring seasonal festivals and events that celebrate  the school's spirit and showcase the talents & creativity of the students.

These events bring the community together and offer an opportunity to share knowledge, produce and expertise and to make social connections.

The Treasure House

The Treasure House - Sunspace

The Treasure House - Sunspace is our holistic shop located at 50 Nyell Road, where you can enjoy fresh coffee, tea & delicious morning tea, The shop sells a diverse range of products including craft materials, health products, organic foods, toys, books and more.

The shops stocks a selection of products from local micro businesses many of which are owned by artisans related to the school's community.