Noosa Pengari Steiner School playgroup


The Noosa Pengari Steiner School Playgroup is a weekly gathering for parents with young children, based on the perspective of child development given to us by Rudolf Steiner. Our Playgroup aims to create an environment which is appropriate for, nourishes, and protects the sensitivity of the young child.

The Playgroup welcomes children from 2.5 years old, with the oldest being those who are due to start Pre-prep the following year. Children attend with mother, father (or even a grandparent).

Parent involvement

Parent involvement

A Waldorf/Steiner playgroup is a little different from regular playgroups in that while the children play, parents participate in joyful, meaningful work.

This may include a simple craft, preparing morning tea, sanding and polishing our wooden toys, mending, sweeping or gardening. There is an awareness of the need to model appropriate behaviours and values, with the understanding that children imitate all we do.


  • Young children thrive on rhythm and so each playgroup session will have a regular routine that will include time to play, as well as, singing, story-time and morning tea. 

  • Simple, natural toys to nourish a child’s imagination and creativity.
  • A place for parents to connect and share a reverence for nature, the child and the parenting journey.
  • An environment where children are not overstimulated, but gently held within the group and through the guidance of parents. This carries through to the children wearing plain, simple clothing without the distraction of logos or images.