Parents & Friends

The P&F is involved in fundraising, cultural and community activities, working bees, catering for functions and general support of the school, the children, parents and staff. As a social group, P&F help to bring parents and friends of our school together and to extend a welcoming hand to the general community.

Fundraising and Community Support

The P&F also organise The Pengari Children’s Festival every year – a major event widely acclaimed that raise funds for the school. Fundraising provides funds for parent education, library books, play equipment and additional education items. The festival also brings together the the Noosa Pengari community and is an opportunity for parents and friends to be involved and create social connections.

The P&F is financially independent of the school, but works closely with the management and teachers to provide a strong, caring environment for our children to learn and grow. All parents are encouraged to participate in study groups and community education funded and organised by the P&F throughout the year.

Our Vision

The vision of the P&F is to be the hive of the school… A hive of activity, where all the busy bees – parents and friends – are included, nourished, valuable and love to contribute and be engaged. 



H for holistic

Our approach is holistic. We strive for balance and synergy between people, community and environment in all of our endeavors.

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I for inclusive

We aspire to nourish a culture characterised by inclusiveness. We value the diverse nature of our community and treasure the richness this brings.

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V for valuable

We value contributions from everyone in our community. A great diversity of ideas and expertise helps to create an encompassing community.

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E for engaged

We welcome parents and friends to be engaged. Being involved helps providing a strong and caring environment for our children to learn and grow.

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